Besides the usual format tools, the assistants are the most useful resources of the application. These assistants help the user to generate much of the wiki code with the less possible effort. As you do not need to memorize the markup rules, the probability to make mistakes during edition is greatly reduced.


The application offers assistants for most elements composing Wikipedia pages. The most complex elements covered by the assistants are:


- Citations linked to the article

- Templates

- Columns

- Internal links

- External

- Images

- Galleries

- Tables

- Charts

- Magic words

- Special characters

- Exportation to an external file (Notepad / Wordpad / Winword)


Citations linked


Citations linked to the article are those references whose wikicode was built during the edition session of the current article. Every citation or reference you create is, by default, linked to the current article.




A template is a Wikipedia page created to be included in other pages. Templates usually contain repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of articles or pages. They are commonly used for boilerplate messages, standard warnings or notices, infoboxes, navigational boxes and similar purposes.




Columns are blocks of text which can be displayed splitted into columns to increase legibility, especially in narrow lists.


Internal links


Internal links are links to other sections of the same page or to other pages of Wikipedia, including Wikipedias in other languages. Interwiki, Interlanguage, and Wikidata are also types of internal links.


External links


External links are links to internet pages which not belong to any of the Wikimedia projects. Those links point to the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the destination page with the HTML scheme, that is, beginning the addresses with http:// or https:// which is the scheme accepted by all browsers. Do not use other schemes like ftp:// , news:// or mailto:// for external links.




Images are commonly inserted in Wikipedia articles. But only an image already hosted on Wikipedia or on Wikimedia Commons can be inserted in Wikipedia articles. Do not attempt to insert images from other sources. The assistants for images enable to crop images, to superimpose text to the images and to adapt images to the Wikipedia page.




Galleries are series of images displayed horizontally, vertically or even in a patchwork.




A table is an arrangement of columns and rows that organizes and positions data. Tables can be created on Wikipedia pages using special wikitext syntax, and many different styles and tricks can be used to customize them. A table is a complex list shown in a pattern of cells. And are a recurring resource to display information




Charts can also be displayed using wikicode. The Assistant for graphs is a tool to insert wikicode producing graph into your wikitext pages disregarding the use of any image.


Magic words


Magic words are features of wiki markup that give instructions to Wikipedia's underlying MediaWiki software. These, for example, can suppress or position the table of contents, disable indexing by external search engines, and produce output dynamically based on the current page or on user-defined conditional logic. Some of these features are especially useful for templates.