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The application installer creates a customized application folder to contain all necessary files. It also creates a program folder in the common programs menu, containing shortcuts to the application files.


Which installer (32-bit or 64-bit) should be used?


No matter which Windows version (32-bit or 64-bit) has your computer system. It only matters the language version of your Microsoft Access or Access Runtime installation. Be sure to use the right (32-bit or 64-bit) installer version of the application, because the application for a 64-bit Microsoft Access will not work on a 32-bit Microsoft Access, and vice versa.


Files in the application folder


These are the files that the installer copies into the application folder:

· Application in Compiled Access format (.accde file)

· Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar (.exportedUI file)

· Editor Help (.chm file)

· Icon (.ico file)

· License and Readme (.txt files)

· Subfolder containing a collection of guidelines in PDF format (optional)


After install


To make use of the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon (recommended) after install, you should import the customization file QuickAccessBar.exportedUI which can be found in the application folder. See System requirements to read how you can do this. If you want to reinstall If you want to reinstall the application, but keeping your articles in edition, you must save a copy of the application (.accde) file in a different folder. Otherwise the installer would overwrite the file and you might lose your previous work.


About Compiled Access Format


To protect the application against modifications in design, it is distributed in Compiled Access Format (.accde file extension). Users working with .accde files cannot make design changes to forms or reports. Advanced users might still modify manually some data, but it is completely unadvisable to do this, because these actions might impair the application and make it useless.


Behavior on other languages


The application will only work fully if the Display and Help Language of your Access installation is English. Even if the default language is English, the code generated by this application will only work in pages of English Wikipedia. Do not try to use this application to edit articles for Wikipedia in other languages, or if the default language of your Access installation is other than English. Every version of Wikipedia has different templates, so much of the code generated by this application will not work on other Wikipedias.