Application welcome window


Welcome to Offline MediaWiki Code Editor, a free offline application which helps its users to edit articles in English Wikipedia.


The application makes easier and faster writing code in MediaWiki markup language even if you do not have previous knowledge of the markup rules, helping you to prevent mistakes during the process of edition, so you can pay much more attention to the content itself than to sintax. As it does not need to have internet access, you can make use of this application in your personal computer anywhere and anytime, which is an advantage for those editors who have limited access to internet. But, even if this is not your case, you can take advantage of the several assistants included in the application. The application makes able to keep editing and save into the application database as many articles as you might want. The pages are kept saved in wiki code (plain text) until you go to English Wikipedia and decide to paste the code into a Wikipedia Edit subpage.


Offline MediaWiki Code Editor is not a demanding application. It consists of a unique collection of tools and assistants merged in a single "execute only" file in .accde Microsoft® Access compiled format. All you need is a PC with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Access® 2010/2013/2016 or the freeware Microsoft Access Runtime. And that’s it. The application installer does not create, nor modify any key or value in the Windows Registry, so you do not need to restart your computer after installation. It does not copy any file in the system folder. All needed files are located in the application folder, which is also provided with an uninstaller file, so you can easily get rid of the application.